CAROLOS FOSCOLOS - SAHETI'S Own computer whiz kid

For most adults the computer is still the wonder tool that "other" people use to make their lives easier. They look at the computer with a certain kind of reverence and awe. Not for Carolos Foscolos. This young SAHETIAN wrote his first computer programme at the tender age of six and has been so involved in the cyber world that he is familiar with computer languages such as Assembler, Basic, C/C++, Delphi, Java, Pascal, Perl, PHP, SQL, Visual Basic and many more. His advanced knowledge of the way in which computers function enabled him to write a totally original computer game called "The Legend of Island Cave Rock" as part of his portfolio for Computer Science in Grade 12.

It was with excitement and great anticipation that the SAHETI staff waited for him to reveal
the Game for which he wrote the source code, the music and created original graphics from almost nothing. The faces of the onlookers lit up with amazement at the antics of the little man that jumped up and down over rocks and other obstacles against a beautifully designed landscape on the screen. The brilliance of the Game was also acknowledged when the Computer Science Portfolios were moderated for the IEB Examination.

Carolos does not keep his knowledge to himself but is always willing to help fellow scholars when they experience problems with programming. He has also been an invaluable assistant to the IT manager, Mrs Cornia Fourie, who runs the extensive SAHETI computer network. SAHETI is situated in Senderwood, on the eastern side of Johannesburg.

Carolos will be doing a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at Wits next year. Watch out Bill Gates, Carolos Foscolos is coming!