ChARMed IconChARMeD (ARM Disassembler)

Requirements: Windows 98,Me,2000,XP
Size: 246kb

ChARMeD is a Windows Mobile / Pocket PC /  Win CE (for ARM CPUs) Disassembler and Assembler

The name ChARMeD stands for:
  Carolo's Hexadecimal ARM Editor and Disassembler


    Disassemble a Windows CE Executable for ARM CPUs.
    Assemble instructions in ARM Assembler.
    Upload modified file to Windows CE Device.

    View MZ and PE Headers of executable.

    View Import Table of executable.


    Added NOP instruction 0x90909090, which is not part of the ARM instruction set, but nevertheless works because it is an undefined instruction.

    Supports all no operand instructions, Branches (Jumps) and instructions with two registers as operands.


    Recognises 0x90909090 as NOP (see ASSEMBLER above)

    Supports all no operand instructions, Branches (Jumps) and double operand instructions.

ChARMed Screenshot

XBOX 360 Controller To Mouse

Requirements: Windows 98,Me,2000,XP
Size: 215kb

Turns your xbox 360 controller into a mouse and keyboard. In beta I take no responsibility for anything this program does and it comes with no guarantees whatsoever, will probably be updated in future. Works but far from perfect.

To exit ctrl + alt + del and end xbox360test.exe task :)

Note: You need the XBOX 360 Drivers for PC available from microsoft and an XBOX 360 Controller.

Download Driver


· A Button = Click
· X Button = Right Click
· B Button = Enter
· Y Button = MS On-Screen KeyBoard
· Left Thumb Stick = Mouse Move
· Right Thumb Stick = Mouse Scroll
· D-Pad = Keyboard Directional Keys
· Right Shoulder = Tab
· Start = Start Button
· Back = Escape

Caverock  - Mario Clone

Requirements: Windows 98,Me,2000,XP
Size: 6mb
Description: This was my final year high school project (yr/grd 12, 2004) :)

Only support for one level
Please check back for new games from me soon!

CaveRock Screenshot